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Visiting on Tap

Visiting on Tap

These kegs are on fast rotation, hurry up to have yours!

  • LERVIG EASY 4.5%

    Pale Ale - International 30 IBU We want you to enjoy our hops so we made this easy for you and loaded up with Mosaic and Citra. We comple- mented the hops with the best malts from the UK, and tons of oats to make the body nice and simple. 7.00 €

  • Atlanta Brewing Co. Beard Envy (Brick Mason Series) 9.3%

    Barleywine - American 80 IBU Some of us have it and some of us don’t. You know what we’re talking about. 8.50 €

  • CoolHead Brew Lemon Sherbet 6.0%

    Sour - Ale DDH Imperial Berliner Weisse brewed w/ fresh lemon zest, indian coriander seeds and Citra & Mosaic hops. We also added an excessive amount of oats and a touch of milk sugar. 7.50 €

  • Tanker Brewery Ero Chica Chica 5.5%

    Pale Ale - New England 40 IBU Collaboration with Brewcats. New england pale ale brewed with new england yeast variety and pineapple puree. 8.00 €

On Tap

On Tap

Beers available throughout the year.

  • Brouwerij van Hoegaarden Hoegaarden Wit / Blanche 4.9%

    Witbier 15 IBU Spiced with coriander and orange peel. 5.80 € 6.80 €

  • Heineken Heineken 5.0%

    Lager - Euro 19 IBU Heineken is a 5% ABV euro pale lager, made by Heineken International since 1873. It is available in a 4. 5.00 € 6.00 €

  • Hartwall Karjala III 4.5%

    Lager - Pale 18 IBU 3.50 € 5.00 €



Beers available on bottles

  • Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma S.A. de C.V. Sol 4.5%

    Lager - North American Adjunct Introduced in the 1890s, originally called El Sol. The logo and presentation has not been changed. 5.80 €

  • Brouwerij Lindemans Cassis 3.5%

    Lambic - Fruit 5 IBU Is it a sparkling wine or a beer? That is the question amateurs of exceptional products ask when they discover our Cassis for the first time. 8.00 €

  • Erdinger Weissbräu Erdinger Weißbier / Hefe-Weizen 5.3%

    Hefeweizen 13 IBU The Premium Weissbier at the top of its class. Not only in the context of the Erdinger assortment Erdinger Weissbier with fine yeast applies undisputed as the classical authors, as the white beer absolutely. 7.50 €

  • Erdinger Weissbräu Erdinger Dunkel 5.3%

    Dunkelweizen 14 IBU Ausgesuchte dunkle Malze mit feinem Röstaroma machen ERDINGER Dunkel zu einem vollmundigen Genuss mit starkem Charakter. Edel und in tiefen Brauntönen glänzend füllt es das Glas. 7.50 €

  • Fuller, Smith & Turner 1845 6.3%

    Strong Ale - English 1845 is a strong, rich, dark beer brewed to 6.3% ABV. 7.80 €

  • Fuller, Smith & Turner Golden Pride 8.5%

    Strong Ale - English Golden Pride is a premium, superior-strength bottled ale. Brewed to 8. 8.50 €

  • Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy Trappistes Rochefort 10 11.3%

    Belgian Quad 27 IBU Dominant impressions of latte coffee with powerful chocolate aromas in the nose. The alcohol esters are enveloped with hints of autumn wood, citrus zest (orange, lemon) and freshly baked biscuits. 8.00 €

  • Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy Trappistes Rochefort 6 7.5%

    Belgian Dubbel 35 IBU Rochefort 6 (red cap, brown beer, 7.5% ABV). 7.80 €

  • Sinebrychoff Sinebrychoff Porter 7.2%

    Porter - Baltic 45 IBU 6.50 €

  • Saku Õlletehas Saku Tume 6.7%

    Bock - Single / Traditional Saku Tume is a rich fall beer, deep in colour and taste. Munich and Caramel malts and burnt sugar give the brew it's special character.

  • Brouwerij Bosteels Pauwel Kwak 8.4%

    Belgian Strong Golden Ale In Napoleon's time Pauwel Kwak was a brewer and the owner of the 'De Hoorn' inn in Dendermonde. Mail coaches stopped there every day. 7.80 €

  • Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Taddy Porter 5.0%

    Porter - English 32 IBU A very dark, full bodied ale with a rich, creamy head and an intense dry, tangy character. Brewed with well water (the original well sunk in 1758 is still in use), malted barley, roasted malt, yeast and hops. 7.00 €

  • Williams Brothers Brewing Co. Profanity Stout 7.0%

    Stout - American The first in our 'Chapeau' series, where we celebrate the talents of up & coming brewers, tweaking their recipes and making them available to a wider audience. Black in colour with full, floral, fruity aromas and a huge roasted malt character that gives way to a profanely dry hopped finish. 7.00 €

  • Thornbridge Brewery Jaipur 5.9%

    IPA - English 55 IBU A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish. 6.50 €

  • Stallhagen US Red Ale 6.0%

    Red Ale - American Amber / Red 36 IBU 6.00 €

  • Brouwerij Palm Palm Spéciale 5.2%

    Pale Ale - Belgian 18 IBU NB: The bottles currently in stores saying "Palm Retro" are also this entry. The beer is the same, it's just the labels that are in retro style. 5.80 €

  • Krušovice Krušovice Černé 3.8%

    Lager - Dark 19 IBU Pivo Krušovice Černé je tradičním výrobkem krušovického pivovaru již více než sto let a jeho výroba nebyla nikdy přerušena. Je dlouhodobě nejoceňovanějším tmavým pivem ve střední Evropě a nedají na něj dopustit ti, kdo mají rádi speciální, chuťově výrazná a přitom osvěžující piva. 6.80 €

  • Plzeňský Prazdroj Pilsner Urquell 4.4%

    Pilsner - Czech 40 IBU In 1842, at our brewery in Plzeň, brewer Josef Groll introduced the world to the first golden ‘pilsner’ lager, and changed beer forever. His invention soon became the most popular style of beer on the planet. 5.80 €

Visiting Bottles

Visiting Bottles

Small batch beers visiting on selection

  • Hopping Brewsters Beer Company Harvest Hannah 5.0%

    Lager - Munich Dunkel 7.00 €

  • Browar Stu Mostów ART1 Doppel Weizenbock German IPA 8.0%

    Bock - Weizenbock 60 IBU Mariaż niemieckiej szkoły robienia piwa typu Weizenbock z chmieleniem bardziej wyrazistym w stylu India Pale Ale. Piwo jest ciemnopomarańczowe i bierze to co najlepsze z dwóch styli – moc i przyjemny bananowo-goździkowy aromat podwójnego pszenicznego koźlaka, oraz cytrusową owocowość IPA, za którą odpowiedzialne są nowofalowe odmiany niemieckich chmieli – Hallertau Saphir oraz Mandarina Bavaria. 7.00 €

  • Malduguns Jungle Hop 6.7%

    IPA - New England 7.00 €

  • Malduguns Ķi 5.5%

    Brown Ale - Other Brown ale with garlic 8.50 €

  • Spaten-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu-Gruppe Spaten München / Münchner Hell / Premium Lager 5.2%

    Lager - Helles 21 IBU Sold as Spaten Premium Lager in the U.S. 7.80 €

  • Timothy Taylor & Co. Ltd Boltmaker 4.2%

    English Bitter A well-balanced, genuine Yorkshire Bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma - Boltmaker is first choice for the discerning drinker - on both sides of the Pennine. Best Bitter was renamed Boltmaker in 2012. 8.00 €

  • Bières de Chimay Chimay Grande Reserve Refermentée en Barriques #02/2018 10.5%

    Belgian Strong Dark Ale Whisky Barrel Aged, 10,5% 27.00 €

  • Bières de Chimay Chimay Bleue Vieillie en Barriques #6 (August 2017) 10.5%

    Belgian Strong Dark Ale Rum Barrel Aged, 10,5% 27.00 €

  • Mallaskoski Brewery Nemesis 3. Edition 11.4%

    Rye Beer 12,8% 25.00 €

  • Sidreria Zapiain Gure Sagardoa 2018 6.0%

    Cider - Dry Sidra de Astigarraga 8.00 €

  • Whiplash Shades of Marble 8.0%

    IPA - Imperial / Double We’re focusing a bit more on our Aussie selection this month with another big dirty jammy murky soupy norman of a double banger. Shades of Marble takes our usual grist of Maris Otter, Wheat Malt and Malted Oats and this time lathers a 100% whirlpool charge of Vic Secret before meeting Vermont Ale yeast in the fermenter. 9.50 €

  • Northern Monk Heathen 7.2%

    IPA - American 30 IBU The American-bred Citra hops made its splash into the industry with a bang, taking over the craft brewing scene by storm with its otherworldly tropical fruit flavour and aroma. Our take on this juicy hop takes the best of its exceptional characteristics to brew a bold yet balanced IPA. 8.50 €

  • Naparbier Aker 6.7%

    IPA - American 75 IBU EN: Aker, is our most daring Indian Pale Ale, we use enjoyable hops like Chinook, Amarillo and Centennial. Taste is exceptional, with a perfect bitterness balance. 7.50 €

  • Browar Stu Mostów WRCLW Roggenbier 5.5%

    Roggenbier 25 IBU BRĄZOWY MEDAL KPR 2016! Esencjonalne piwo górnej fermentacji o wytrawnej treści. 7.50 €

  • Orava Brewing DDH Sticker Can IPA 6.5%

    IPA - New England This beer has all the parts of a modern New England IPA: its in a can, the label is a sticker, its double dry hopped with all the Galaxy, Mosaic and Idaho 7 that we could stuff in the fermenter and biotransformation makes it hazy and juicy. So whats not to like? 7.50 €

  • CoolHead Brew Snow Invites 8.5%

    IPA - Imperial / Double New England This Finnish x Norwegian Collaboration Double Dry Hopped Double IPA is just another stupid juice bomb that is probably something you shouldn't be pounding can after can. How could you resist though - being so nice and yummy with a silky smooth texture and with colossal amount of that fresh juicy hop aroma and flavor. 8.00 €

  • Browar Stu Mostów ART17 Pink Guava Sour Saison 5.9%

    Saison / Farmhouse Ale 30 IBU Pierwszy w Browarze Stu Mostów saison - ale nie byle jaki! To owoc kolaboracji dwóch zaprzyjaźnionych browarów, bo już drugi raz uwarzyliśmy piwo z chłopakami z Naparbier. 7.50 €

  • Browar Stu Mostów ART14 Mango & Peach DIPA 7.6%

    IPA - Imperial / Double 70 IBU Piwna owocowo-chmielowa bomba! Z piwowarami z Brewski musi być owocowo. 8.00 €

  • Westons Cider Caple Rd Blend No 3 5.2%

    Cider - Dry The UK's first canned cider produced with genuine craft credentials. Full bodied, dark straw/amber sparkling cider. 7.00 €

  • Maistila Talventäkki 9.5%

    Strong Ale - English Talvinen britti strong ale 8.00 €

  • Browar Stu Mostów Salamander Pale Ale 4.8%

    Pale Ale - American 37 IBU Piwo górnej fermentacji o jasnobursztynowej barwie. Delikatna karmelowa słodycz dobrze balansuje się ze sporą dawką goryczki i wyczuwalnym iglasto-owocowym aromatem. 7.50 €

  • Tampere Brewing & Distilling Co American Pale Ale 5.2%

    Pale Ale - American 55 IBU 7.50 €

  • LoverBeer Saison de l'Ouvrier 2016 5.8%

    Saison / Farmhouse Ale Prima di una serie di saison sperimentali, fornirà la base per le successive altre: uso di frumento non maltato e lievito selvatico delle beerbera. Questa versione in particolare è caratterizzata dall'uso dell'ek goldings anche in DH. 14.00 €

  • LoverBeer Saison de l'Ouvrier Violetta 2016 5.8%

    Saison / Farmhouse Ale 14.00 €

  • Timothy Taylor & Co. Ltd Landlord 4.3%

    Pale Ale - English 35 IBU The drinkers’ favourite, a 4.3% classic pale ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma. 8.00 €

  • Hornbeer Dryhop 5.0%

    Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager) 46 IBU Dryhop is not an IPA and it`s not a lager. It is a buttomfermented beer, well-hopped and dryhopped. 8.50 €

  • Stockholm Brewing Co. Cellar Series: Cuvée Alexandria '15 8.0%

    Fruit Beer 10 IBU 100 kg Muscat d'Alexandrie grapes from Tom Lubbe's 'Domaine Matassa' in Calce, Roussillon. Spontaneously fermented for 5 days - with skins, seeds and stems - before adding 500 litres of belgian blonde wort, still fermenting only on the grapes natural yeast for 3 months. 18.00 €

  • Brouwerij Het Anker Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Imperial Dark 11.0%

    Belgian Strong Dark Ale 15 IBU Every year on the 24th of February, we celebrate the birth of Charles Quint. Therefore we brew a special beer in limited edition called Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Imperial Dark (‘Grand Cru of the Emperor’). 12.00 €

  • Bières de Chimay Chimay Blanche (Cinq Cents) 8.0%

    Belgian Tripel 14.00 €

  • Fat Lizard Brewing Co. Je suis Saison 6.3%

    Saison / Farmhouse Ale 25 IBU Neoclassic super dry saison fermented with two yeast strains. 15.00 €

  • Jopen Koyt (2018) 8.5%

    Spiced / Herbed Beer 18 IBU 8.00 €

  • Ritterguts Gose Original Ritterguts Gose 4.7%

    Sour - Gose 11 IBU Ritterguts Gose is a top-fermented, sourish and slightly salty-tasting beer that was first brewed in 1824 – it is the special beer of Leipzig! The Gose is an own, very old type of beer that does not correspond to the German purity law. 7.50 €

  • Omnipollo Sisyfos 6.0%

    Saison / Farmhouse Ale 30 IBU 10.00 €

  • LERVIG Art Collection V - Iconoclast Quad 9.5%

    Belgian Quad 23 IBU A classic monk's brew reinterpreted by heathens. This big Quad was brewed with cascara cherries to give it a nice dried fruit, spice, and tobacco characteristic. 16.00 €



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